Drachen, Gargoyles, Totenköpfe, Lampen, Tische, Spiegel uvm.


Alle Bestellungen welche bis zum 25.04.2016 bezahlt wurden
werden noch mit DHL Versand versendet!

Bestellungen bei denen bis zum 27.04.2016 die Zahlung eingegangen ist, werden an der Tageskasse am Festival hinterlegt.
Für alle die noch ein Ticket möchten gibt es die Möglichkeit an einer der VVK Stellen diese zu kaufen ( siehe link )

oder an der Tageskasse vor Ort zu kaufen.



DOPE STARS INC. Statement für Konzertabsage:


"Sad news to report. We decided to cancel our show in Hexentanx Festival in Germany for the following reason

Our guitarist Fabrice could not join us because his mother is sick since a long time of cancer. We were hoping to

get him on a quick flight but situation won't permit this. For those who remember Fabrice also lost his father not

so long ago and he could not join us on the US tour. In that case we've been forced to go ahead since it was too

late to cancel it conisdered all the work that Darker Side Of Light did for us at the times (Thanks again for that).

But he joined us in Russia for the full tour arranged by Syn Promotion / Dark Media Group (Thanks again for that)."